About Us

since 2022

Teens for Teens was originally founded by four teens who are passionate about math. They came together and hosted a summer AMC 8 program in a local library since summer 2022. On February 6, 2023, Teens for Teens was officially registered as an NPO. Ever since, we have expanded our areas of focus far beyond the AMC 8 and to math competitions of all kinds, and we seek to continue to grow.

Our Mission

Led by four passionate young teens, Teens for Teens seeks to empower other teens and inspire the same love for learning in other individuals through mentorship and guidance. We seek to teach teens important knowledge and skills for the future, both in academics and in life. 

Our Vision

Our vision is to expand our reach to teens all throughout–and even outside of–Sarasota and the Tampa Bay area. We want to be able to inspire a large group of teenagers through a variety of subjects, including but not limited to math, science, and technology. 

Our Team

Co-President: Rui Jiang

Rui Jiang is a sophomore at Pine View School. He has been doing math competitions since he started taking the AMC 8 in 6th grade. Since then, he has participated in other math competitions such as mathcounts, AMC10, AIME, USAJMO, Mathcounts, PUMaC, SMT and ARML. He currently serves as a regional coordinator and curricula committee for Florida Students Association of Mathematics, an organization to bring together math competitors across the state of Florida for high-level mathematics and training for contest. Rui also helps and mentors junior and peer students on math, physics, and SAT in his free time. As a co-president of Teens For Teens (TFT), Rui is responsible for writing problems for TFT daily questions and tournament, hosting live Q&A session, organizing events and fundraising for TFT.  In his spare time, Rui likes to play chess, tennis, and video games and watch football.

Co-President: Joy Jia

Joy Jia is a freshman at Pine View School and has been doing math competitively since 5th grade. She has participated in Mathcounts, the AMC 10 and 12, and ARML. She also helps to provide help for classmates in academic subjects both in and outside of school. As a co-preisdent of Teens For Teens (or TFT), Joy writes problems for daily questions, hosts live sessions, organizes tournaments and events, as well as communicating with parents about new TFT events. She also plays tennis and soccer for Venice High School and is an aspiring artist and writer. 

Co-President: Michael Hu

Michael Hu is a freshman at Pine View School. He has participated in several math competitions including, AMC 8 and 10, Math Kangaroo, SMMT, and Purple Comet! Michael also has participated in other competitions relating to other subjects such as USTA tennis tournaments, Florida Federation of Music Clubs competitions, and National Speech and Debate Association tournaments. He also used to compete in swim meets for the Sarasota Sharks team. As a co-director, Michael also writes TFT’s daily challenge questions, hosts live sessions, and contributes to tournament questions for middle and elementary students. During free time, Michael enjoys playing piano, chess and tennis, as well as reading and learning about history.

Co-President: Benjamin Jiang

Meet Ben, a vibrant and enthusiastic middle schooler whose passion for math sets him apart in the classroom. With a penchant for numbers and a love for problem-solving, Ben has actively participated in numerous math competitions, such as Math Kangaroo, AMC8, AMC10, AIME, USAJMO, Mathcounts and Purple Comet. His dedication to honing his skills goes beyond the competition stage, as he willingly shares his knowledge with his peers. In his class, Ben is known as the go-to person for math assistance. Whether it’s deciphering complex equations, tackling challenging problem sets, or preparing for upcoming math competitions, Ben generously extends a helping hand to his classmates. Ben serves as a co-president in TFT to help to write competition questions and organize events.